It’s Ashlee here! I am the designer, photographer, and nerd behind Ash & Co Creative. My first design client was my sister designing her sweet 16th birthday party invitations on Word 97. From that moment of creating a personalized clear design, I was hooked! Shortly after that, I bought my first camera and fell in love all over again. I pursued these creative avenues and went to school for Digital Media Arts with an emphasis in photography. After school, I worked at Apple as a trainer for 6 years. During that time, I developed a passion for simplifying processes and making them easier to understand to those who were struggling.   

As I transitioned out of my career with Apple, I started Ash & Co to help small creative entrepreneurs focus on growing their business. I do this by creating a functional design and capturing images that showcase who they are. I help tell a story of who they are, so they can focus on becoming an ever better version of themselves and help their clients even more.  

Moving to the midwest 4 years ago from Southern California has been a big adventure and change for me… like experiencing seasons and what it’s like to NOT go to Disneyland once a month and being land locked. I’ve since discovered the lake life and though my love of the ocean supersedes this… I like the lake life too! This is the part where I tell you some really cool hobby I have, but to be real, when I’m not behind a camera or computer, I’ll either be looking for a new place to eat with my husband Jon or wanting to be outside doing anything but looking at a screen! 

Thanks for visiting my small corner of the internet! 

Hello there,